Class NamespaceDeltaMap

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Iterable<NamespaceBinding>, NamespaceBindingSet, NamespaceResolver

    public class NamespaceDeltaMap
    extends NamespaceMap
    implements NamespaceBindingSet, NamespaceResolver
    Holds a set of namespace bindings as a simple immutable map from prefixes to URIs.

    A NamespaceMap never physically contains a binding for the XML namespace, but some interfaces behave as if it did.

    The map may or may not contain a binding for the default namespace, represented by the prefix "" (zero-length string)

    The map must not contain any namespace undeclarations: that is, the namespace will never be "" (zero-length string)

    • Method Detail

      • emptyMap

        public static NamespaceDeltaMap emptyMap()
        Get a namespace map containing no namespace bindings
        an empty namespace map
      • put

        public NamespaceDeltaMap put​(java.lang.String prefix,
                                     NamespaceUri uri)
        Description copied from class: NamespaceMap
        Add a new entry to the map, or replace an existing entry. An attempt to add a binding of the "xml" prefix to the XML namespace is silently ignored.
        put in class NamespaceMap
        prefix - the prefix whose entry is to be added or replaced. May be zero-length to represent the default namespace
        uri - the URI to be associated with this prefix; if zero-length or null, any existing mapping for the prefix is removed.
        a new map containing the added or replaced entry (or this map, unchanged, if the prefix-uri mapping was already present in the old map).
      • remove

        public NamespaceDeltaMap remove​(java.lang.String prefix)
        Description copied from class: NamespaceMap
        Remove an entry from the map
        remove in class NamespaceMap
        prefix - the entry to be removed from the map
        a new map in which the relevant entry has been removed, or this map (unchanged) if the requested entry was not present