Class StackFrame

  • public class StackFrame
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class represents a stack frame holding details of the variables used in a function or in an XSLT template.
    • Field Detail

      • dynamicStack

        protected java.util.Stack<Sequence> dynamicStack

        public static final Sequence[] EMPTY_ARRAY_OF_SEQUENCE
    • Method Detail

      • getStackFrameMap

        public SlotManager getStackFrameMap()
      • getStackFrameValues

        public Sequence[] getStackFrameValues()
      • setStackFrameValues

        public void setStackFrameValues​(Sequence[] values)
      • pushDynamicValue

        public void pushDynamicValue​(Sequence value)
      • popDynamicValue

        public Sequence popDynamicValue()
      • holdsDynamicValue

        public boolean holdsDynamicValue()