Class GeneralComparison20

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ComparisonExpression, ExportAgent, Locatable, IdentityComparable, Traceable

    public class GeneralComparison20
    extends GeneralComparison
    The class GeneralComparison20 specializes GeneralComparison for the case where the comparison is done with 2.0 semantics (i.e. with backwards compatibility off). It differs from the superclass in that it will never turn the expression into a GeneralComparison10, which could lead to non-terminating optimizations
    • Constructor Detail

      • GeneralComparison20

        public GeneralComparison20​(Expression p0,
                                   int op,
                                   Expression p1)
        Create a relational expression identifying the two operands and the operator
        p0 - the left-hand operand
        op - the operator, as a token returned by the Tokenizer (e.g. Token.LT)
        p1 - the right-hand operand