Interface ComparisonExpression

    • Method Detail

      • getAtomicComparer

        AtomicComparer getAtomicComparer()
        Get the AtomicComparer used to compare atomic values. This encapsulates any collation that is used
        the comparer
      • getStringCollator

        StringCollator getStringCollator()
        Get the StringCollator used to compare string values.
        the collator. May return null if the expression will never be used to compare strings
      • getSingletonOperator

        int getSingletonOperator()
        Get the primitive (singleton) operator used: one of Token.FEQ, Token.FNE, Token.FLT, Token.FGT, Token.FLE, Token.FGE
        the operator, as defined in class Token
      • getLhs

        Operand getLhs()
        Get the left-hand operand of the comparison
        the first operand
      • getRhs

        Operand getRhs()
        Get the right-hand operand of the comparison
        the second operand
      • getLhsExpression

        Expression getLhsExpression()
        Get the left-hand expression
        the first operand expression
      • getRhsExpression

        Expression getRhsExpression()
        Get the right-hand expression
        the second operand expression
      • convertsUntypedToOther

        boolean convertsUntypedToOther()
        Determine whether untyped atomic values should be converted to the type of the other operand
        true if untyped values should be converted to the type of the other operand, false if they should be converted to strings.