Class SkipValidator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    javax.xml.transform.Result, Receiver

    public class SkipValidator
    extends ContentValidator
    This class is a filter that passes all Receiver events through unchanged, except that it removes all type annotations from element and attribute nodes. It implements validation="strip" or in schema terms, skip validation
    • Constructor Detail

      • SkipValidator

        public SkipValidator​(Receiver next)
    • Method Detail

      • getSchemaType

        public SchemaType getSchemaType()
        Get the schema type against which we are validating, if any
        Specified by:
        getSchemaType in class ContentValidator
        the schema type that this validator is validating against, or null
      • startElement

        public void startElement​(NodeName elemName,
                                 SchemaType type,
                                 AttributeMap attributes,
                                 NamespaceMap namespaces,
                                 Location location,
                                 int properties)
                          throws XPathException
        Output element start tag
        Specified by:
        startElement in interface Receiver
        startElement in class ContentValidator
        elemName - the name of the element.
        type - the type annotation of the element.
        attributes - the attributes of this element
        namespaces - the in-scope namespaces of this element: generally this is all the in-scope namespaces, without relying on inheriting namespaces from parent elements
        location - an object providing information about the module, line, and column where the node originated
        properties - bit-significant properties of the element node. If there are no relevant properties, zero is supplied. The definitions of the bits are in class ReceiverOption
        XPathException - if an error occurs
      • getChildValidator

        protected ContentValidator getChildValidator()
        Get a validator to handle the children of the current element. This is called immediately on return from the startElement call that starts this element.
        Specified by:
        getChildValidator in class ContentValidator
        the validator to be used to handle the children
      • append

        public void append​(Item item,
                           Location locationId,
                           int copyNamespaces)
                    throws XPathException
        Description copied from class: ProxyReceiver
        Append an arbitrary item (node or atomic value) to the output
        Specified by:
        append in interface Receiver
        append in class ValidatingFilter
        item - the item to be appended
        locationId - the location of the calling instruction, for diagnostics
        copyNamespaces - if the item is an element node, this indicates whether its namespaces need to be copied. Values are ReceiverOption.ALL_NAMESPACES; the default (0) means
        XPathException - if an error occurs