Class ValidatingFilter

    • Method Detail

      • getValidationContext

        public ValidationContext getValidationContext()
        Get the validation context for this validation episode
        the validation context
      • setValidationContext

        public void setValidationContext​(ValidationContext validationContext)
        Set the validation context for this validation episode
        validationContext - the validation context
      • setConstraintChecker

        public void setConstraintChecker​(ConstraintChecker checker)
        Set the constraint checker used in this pipeline
        checker - the constraint checker
      • getConstraintChecker

        protected ConstraintChecker getConstraintChecker()
        Get the constraint checker used in this pipeline
        the constraint checker
      • setStartTagBuffer

        public void setStartTagBuffer​(AttributeInheritor startTag)
        Set the StartTagBuffer, which buffers attributes on the element start tag, and also acts as the namespaceResolver to be used for resolving QName-valued attributes
        startTag - the namespace resolver
      • getAttributeInheritor

        public AttributeInheritor getAttributeInheritor()
        Get the AttributeInheritor which maintains details of inherited attributes for use in conditional type assignment
        the AttributeInheritor
      • usesTypeAnnotations

        public boolean usesTypeAnnotations()
        Ask whether this Receiver (or the downstream pipeline) makes any use of the type annotations supplied on element and attribute events
        Specified by:
        usesTypeAnnotations in interface Receiver
        usesTypeAnnotations in class ProxyReceiver
        true if the Receiver makes any use of this information. If false, the caller may supply untyped nodes instead of supplying the type annotation. Validation filters overwrite any type annotations arriving in the input event stream, so this instance of the method returns false.
      • append

        public void append​(Item item,
                           Location locationId,
                           int copyNamespaces)
                    throws XPathException
        Description copied from class: ProxyReceiver
        Append an arbitrary item (node or atomic value) to the output
        Specified by:
        append in interface Receiver
        append in class ProxyReceiver
        item - the item to be appended
        locationId - the location of the calling instruction, for diagnostics
        copyNamespaces - if the item is an element node, this indicates whether its namespaces need to be copied. Values are ReceiverOption.ALL_NAMESPACES; the default (0) means
        XPathException - if an error occurs
      • reportValidationError

        protected void reportValidationError​(ValidationFailure err,
                                             boolean issueComment,
                                             Location locationId)
                                      throws XPathException
        Report a validation error
        err - The validation failure
        issueComment - true if the validation error message is to be written as an XML comment to the result document
        locationId - identifies the location in the source document or stylesheet/query where the validation error was detected
        XPathException - if too many invalidities have been reported