Class ManualGroupIterator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.AutoCloseable, LastPositionFinder, GroupIterator, FocusIterator, SequenceIterator, GroundedIterator, LookaheadIterator, ReversibleIterator

    public class ManualGroupIterator
    extends ManualIterator
    implements GroupIterator
    The class ManualGroupIterator represents an iterator that is never repositioned, but can be used to represent the focus in the dynamic context. It is used as a snapshot copy of a real grouping iterator for use when asynchronous threads are forked, as in xsl:result-document; the purpose of taking a snapshot is to ensure that changes to the base iterator in one thread do not affect the focus of another thread. It is also used when streaming with xsl:fork, which involves pseudo-parallel processing of groups.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ManualGroupIterator

        public ManualGroupIterator​(Item item,
                                   int position)
        Create a manual grouping iterator
        item - the context item
        position - the context position
    • Method Detail

      • getSnapShot

        public ManualGroupIterator getSnapShot​(XPathContext context)
        Description copied from interface: GroupIterator
        Get a pseudo-iterator which represents a snapshot of this sequence at the current position
        Specified by:
        getSnapShot in interface GroupIterator
        context - the XPath context
        the snapshot sequence
      • setCurrentGroupingKey

        public void setCurrentGroupingKey​(AtomicSequence key)
      • getCurrentGroupingKey

        public AtomicSequence getCurrentGroupingKey()
        Description copied from interface: GroupIterator
        Get the grouping key of the current group
        Specified by:
        getCurrentGroupingKey in interface GroupIterator
        the current grouping key in the case of group-by or group-adjacent, or null in the case of group-starting-with and group-ending-with
      • setCurrentGroup

        public void setCurrentGroup​(GroundedValue group)
      • appendToCurrentGroup

        public void appendToCurrentGroup​(Item item)
      • startNewCurrentGroup

        public void startNewCurrentGroup​(Item item)
      • currentGroup

        public GroundedValue currentGroup()
                                   throws XPathException
        Description copied from interface: GroupIterator
        Get a sequence containing the members of the current group, in population order. This may be a MemoSequence rather than a grounded value
        Specified by:
        currentGroup in interface GroupIterator
        a sequence containing all the members of the current group, in population order.
        XPathException - if a dynamic error occurs