Handling of source documents

Saxon now integrates XInclude processing, provided that the default Xerces parser supplied with JDK 1.5 or later is used. (XInclude is not currently supported on .NET)

XInclude processing may be enabled for all documents (source documents, stylesheets, and schemas) by using the -xi option on the command line for the Transform, Query, and Validate commands.

From the Java API, the equivalent is to call setXInclude() on the Configuration object, or to set the configuration property XINCLUDE to true.

XInclude processing can be requested at a per-document level by creating an AugmentedSource and calling its setXIncludeAware() method. The corresponding method is also recognized on Saxon's implementation of the JAXP DocumentBuilderFactory. When the doc() or document() or collection() function is called from an XPath expression, XInclude processing can be enabled by including xinclude=yes among the query parameters in the URI.