XQuery 1.0 implementation

A schema-aware query can now be requested using the new -sa option on the command net.sf.saxon.Query, as an alternative to using the command com.saxonica.Query.

When copying elements or attributes, Saxon now reports an error if the copy asks for type annotations to be retained when the content is namespace-sensitive (QName or NOTATION values), unless namespaces are also copied. Error XQTY0086 is reported when this error occurs.

Alphanumeric collations are now supported. In such a collation, any sequence of consecutive digits is treated as a number and is sorted numerically. For example, by specifying collation http://saxon.sf.net/collation?alphanumeric=yes on the order by clause, a collating sequence is used in which "iso8859" sorts before "iso10646".

The ModuleURIResolver may now be specified as part of the StaticQueryContext, allowing use of different ModuleURIResolvers for different queries sharing the same Configuration.