Internal changes

The URI is now recognized as the name of the code-point collation; if this URI is specified in calls to sorting or comparison operations, strings will be compared according to their Unicode code-points. Note that this URI is likely to change in subsequent versions of the XPath working drafts.

The following changes should not affect users unless you exploit internal interfaces within Saxon.

Parameters to stylesheet functions are now passed by position (in an array of values), not by name.

Internally, there has been a change to the processing of literal result elements. XPath expressions contained within attribute value templates on such an element are now processed during the first (prepareAttributes) compilation phase, as with other stylesheet instructions. Type checking happens during the second (validate) phase. A consequence of this change is that user-defined top-level elements are now represented by a different class, DataElement, to prevent their attributes being processed as AVTs.

Type Checking

Changes made in support of XPath type-checking include the following: