Packaging, installation, and licensing changes

Saxon 7.2 requires JDK 1.4. This is primarily to support the use of regular expressions: Saxon now uses the JDK 1.4 regular expression library to support xsl:analyze-string and the functions matches(), replace(), and tokenize().

Since JDK 1.4 includes an XML parser, there is no longer any good reason for Saxon to supply its own XML parser. Therefore AElfred is no longer included in the Saxon package, and the default will be to use the Crimson parser (or whatever is included in the JDK 1.4 distribution).

Note: JDK 1.4 appears to require more [or allocate less] stack space than JDK 1.3, some transformations that ran successfully in JDK 1.3 run out of stack space with JDK 1.4. This equally affects earlier Saxon releases when running with JDK 1.4