Changes specific to .NET

In SaxonCS, the broad structure of the API remains unchanged from the older .NET product, including some features retained for legacy reasons, but the detail has been modernized and made more consistent.

The interface XmlDestination is renamed as IDestination, firstly to use the standard naming convention for interfaces, and secondly to reflect the fact that the content sent to an IDestination is not always XML.

The class TextWriterDestination is renamed as XmlWriterDestination to better reflect its purpose and usage.

The value of property XdmNode.NodeKind is now an XdmNodeKind, and the corresponding XmlNodeType is obtained using the new XdmNode.NodeType property (the need for both arises because there isn't an exact correspondence between node types in DOM and node kinds in XDM.)

The method XdmItem.GetStringValue() is replaced with a property XdmItem.StringValue.

There have been some changes to the API for declaring collections.

The classes Saxon.Api.Predicate and Saxon.Api.IPredicate have gone, replaced by use of System.Predicate. All the predicates obtained using the Saxon.Api.Predicates factory class (e.g. Predicates.IsElement()) remain available. It's now possible to use a lambda expression wherever a predicate was expected, e.g. as the argument to Step.Where() or XdmNode.Children().

It's no longer possible to combine predicates using P.And(Q) or P.Or(Q). Instead you can do Predicates.AllOf(P, Q, R, ...) or Predicates.AnyOf(P, Q, R, ...). Also it's no longer possible to define a subclass of Saxon.Api.Predicate, but there's not much of a use case for doing that anyway.

The BaseUri property of Saxon.Api.XPathCompiler and Saxon.Api.XQueryCompiler is now a Uri rather than a string, bringing these classes into line with Saxon.Api.XsltCompiler.

A number of callbacks have been changed from interfaces to delegates, allowing them to be implemented more conveniently as lambda expressions. These include the ResultDocumentHandler, the CollectionFinder, the ErrorReporter, and the XQueryResolver (module resolver).

The classes SchemaValidator, XQueryCompiler, and XsltCompiler no longer have an ErrorList property. To accumulate error details in a list, change the declaration of the error list to IList<Saxon.Api.Error>, and replace compiler.ErrorList = errorList; by compiler.ErrorReporter = errorList.Add;.

The class XmlProcessingError is renamed as Error to avoid conflicts with the s9api class XmlProcessingError.

The MessageListener property of XsltTransformer and Xslt30Transformer is now a delegate in the form Action<Message>.

The ValidationFailure object which provides information about errors detected during schema validation now delivers information about the error in the form of C# properties rather than Java-like methods: for example ValidationFailure.LineNumber replaces ValidationFailure.GetLineNumber().

A number of getter and setter methods (such as ValidationFailure.GetLineNumber()) have been changed to properties: ValidationFailure.LineNumber in this case.