Command line interfaces


A new option -ns is available on the net.sf.saxon.Transform command line (see XSLT from the command line). It can be used to specify the default namespace for elements and types (in effect, a default for the xpath-default-namespace attribute). In addition, the value -ns:##any means that unprefixed element names appearing in path expressions and match patterns will match elements in any namespace (or none), and the value -ns:##html5 simulates the rules in the HTML5 specification, meaning that unprefixed element names match elements that are either in no namespace, or in the XHTML namespace.

The option -warnings is now ignored.

Gizmo Commands

A new interactive command-based utility called Gizmo is available. See Gizmo for details.

The utility is invoked using a command such as:

java net.sf.saxon.Gizmo -s:catalog.xml

It then allows sub-commands to be entered, including the ability to:

The utility provides assisted content completion based on the actual vocabulary of the individual document, and it allows previous commands to be retrieved from the session history.