Interface PlainType

    • Method Detail

      • getTypeName

        StructuredQName getTypeName()
        Get the name of this type as a structured QName
        the name of this type. If the type is anonymous, an internally-generated type name is returned
      • getPlainMemberTypes

        java.util.List<? extends PlainType> getPlainMemberTypes()
                                                         throws MissingComponentException
        Get the list of plain types that are subsumed by this type
        for an atomic type, the type itself; for a plain union type, the list of plain types in its transitive membership
      • matches

        boolean matches​(Item item,
                        TypeHierarchy th)
        Test whether a given item conforms to this type
        Specified by:
        matches in interface ItemType
        item - The item to be tested
        th - The type hierarchy cache. Currently used only when matching function items.
        true if the item is an instance of this type; false otherwise
      • getPrimitiveItemType

        AtomicType getPrimitiveItemType()
        Redeclare getPrimitiveItemType() to return a more specific result type Get the primitive item type corresponding to this item type. For anyAtomicValue and union types it is Type.ATOMIC_VALUE. For numeric it is Type.NUMBER. For other atomic types it is the primitive type as defined in XML Schema, except that integer, xs:dayTimeDuration, and xs:yearMonthDuration are considered to be primitive types.
        Specified by:
        getPrimitiveItemType in interface ItemType
        the corresponding primitive type (this is an instance of BuiltInAtomicType in all cases except where this type is xs:error. The class ErrorType does not inherit from BuiltInAtomicType because of multiple inheritance problems).