Class ArrayFunctionSet

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    public class ArrayFunctionSet
    extends BuiltInFunctionSet
    Function signatures (and pointers to implementations) of the functions defined in XPath 2.0
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArrayFunctionSet

        public ArrayFunctionSet()
    • Method Detail

      • getNamespace

        public java.lang.String getNamespace()
        Description copied from class: BuiltInFunctionSet
        Return the namespace URI for the functions local to this function set.
        getNamespace in class BuiltInFunctionSet
        the namespace URI of the functions local to this function set. Note that functions imported from another function set may have a different namespace URI.
      • getConventionalPrefix

        public java.lang.String getConventionalPrefix()
        Description copied from class: BuiltInFunctionSet
        Return a conventional prefix for use with this namespace, typically the prefix used in the documentation of these functions.
        getConventionalPrefix in class BuiltInFunctionSet
        the string "fn"
      • checkSubscript

        public static int checkSubscript​(IntegerValue subscript,
                                         int limit)
                                  throws XPathException
        Check that a number proposed for use as a subscript is greater than zero and less than the maximum subscript allowed by the implementation (2^31-1), returning the value as a Java int
        subscript - the proposed subscript (one-based)
        limit - the upper limit allowed (usually the size of the array, sometimes arraysize + 1)
        the proposed subscript as an int, if it is in range (still one-based)
        XPathException - if the subscript is 0, negative, or outside the permitted range