Class StandardCollationURIResolver

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    public class StandardCollationURIResolver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements CollationURIResolver
    StandardCollationURIResolver allows a Collation to be created given a URI starting with "" followed by a set of query parameters.
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      • StandardCollationURIResolver

        public StandardCollationURIResolver()
        The class is normally used as a singleton, but the constructor is public to allow the class to be named as a value of the configuration property COLLATION_URI_RESOLVER
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      • getInstance

        public static StandardCollationURIResolver getInstance()
        Return the singleton instance of this class
        the singleton instance
      • resolve

        public StringCollator resolve​(java.lang.String uri,
                                      Configuration config)
                               throws XPathException
        Create a collator from a parameterized URI
        Specified by:
        resolve in interface CollationURIResolver
        uri - the collation URI as written in the query or stylesheet, after resolving against the base URI where necessary
        config - The configuration. Provided in case the collation URI resolver needs it.
        null if the collation URI is not recognized. If the collation URI is recognized but contains errors, the method returns null after sending a warning to the ErrorListener.
        XPathException - if the form of the URI is recognized, but if it is not valid, for example because it is not supported in this environment. In this case of the UCA collation, this exception is thrown when there are invalid parameters and fallback=no is specified.