Class CollatingFunctionFixed

    • Constructor Detail

      • CollatingFunctionFixed

        public CollatingFunctionFixed()
    • Method Detail

      • isSubstringMatchingFunction

        public boolean isSubstringMatchingFunction()
        Ask whether this function needs a collation that can handle substring matching
        true in the case of functions such as contains() and starts-with() where substring matching is required. Returns false by default;
      • getStringCollator

        public StringCollator getStringCollator()
        Get the collation if known statically, as a StringCollator object
        a StringCollator. Return null if the collation is not known statically.
      • setRetainedStaticContext

        public void setRetainedStaticContext​(RetainedStaticContext retainedStaticContext)
        Description copied from class: SystemFunction
        Set the static context in which the function operates, for use with functions whose result depends on the static context
        setRetainedStaticContext in class SystemFunction
        retainedStaticContext - the retained static context
      • preAllocateComparer

        protected void preAllocateComparer​(AtomicType type0,
                                           AtomicType type1,
                                           StaticContext env)
        During static analysis, if types are known and the collation is known, pre-allocate a comparer for comparing atomic values. Called by some collating functions during type-checking. The comparer that is allocated treats NaN as not equal to NaN.
        type0 - the type of the first comparand
        type1 - the type of the second comparand
        env - the static context
      • getPreAllocatedAtomicComparer

        public AtomicComparer getPreAllocatedAtomicComparer()
        Get the pre-allocated atomic comparer, if available
        the preallocated atomic comparer, or null
      • getAtomicComparer

        public AtomicComparer getAtomicComparer​(XPathContext context)
        During evaluation, get the pre-allocated atomic comparer if available, or allocate a new one otherwise
        context - the dynamic evaluation context
        the pre-allocated comparer if one is available; otherwise, a newly allocated one, using the specified StringCollator for comparing strings
      • exportAttributes

        public void exportAttributes​(ExpressionPresenter out)
        Description copied from class: SystemFunction
        Export any context attributes held within the SystemFunction object. The implementation will normally make one or more calls on out.emitAttribute(name, value).
        exportAttributes in class SystemFunction
        out - the export destination
      • importAttributes

        public void importAttributes​(java.util.Properties attributes)
                              throws XPathException
        Description copied from class: SystemFunction
        Import any attributes found in the export file, that is, any attributes output using the exportAttributes method
        importAttributes in class SystemFunction
        attributes - the attributes, as a properties object
        XPathException - if errors are found in the SEF file
      • copy

        public CollatingFunctionFixed copy()
        Make a copy of this SystemFunction. This is required only for system functions such as regex functions that maintain state on behalf of a particular caller.
        Specified by:
        copy in interface StatefulSystemFunction
        a copy of the system function able to contain its own copy of the state on behalf of the caller.