Class Evaluator.EagerSequence

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    public static final class Evaluator.EagerSequence
    extends Evaluator
    An evaluator for arguments that in general return a sequence, where the sequence is evaluated eagerly. This is appropriate when it is known that the function will always use the entire value, or when it will use it more than once.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EagerSequence

        public EagerSequence()
    • Method Detail

      • getCode

        public int getCode()
        Description copied from class: Evaluator
        Get the integer code for the evaluator
        Specified by:
        getCode in class Evaluator
        the integer code for the evaluator
      • evaluate

        public Sequence evaluate​(Expression expr,
                                 XPathContext context)
                          throws XPathException
        Description copied from class: Evaluator
        Evaluate an expression to return a sequence
        Specified by:
        evaluate in class Evaluator
        expr - the expression to be evaluated
        context - the dynamic context for evaluation
        the result of the evaluation
        XPathException - if any dynamic error occurs during the evaluation