Class NoOpenStartTagException

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    public class NoOpenStartTagException
    extends XPathException
    Exception indicating that an attribute or namespace node has been written when there is no open element to write it to
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    • Constructor Detail

      • NoOpenStartTagException

        public NoOpenStartTagException​(java.lang.String message)
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      • makeNoOpenStartTagException

        public static NoOpenStartTagException makeNoOpenStartTagException​(int nodeKind,
                                                                          java.lang.String name,
                                                                          HostLanguage hostLanguage,
                                                                          boolean parentIsDocument,
                                                                          Location startElementLocationId)
        Static factory method to create the exception
        nodeKind - the kind of node being created (attribute or namespace)
        name - the name of the node being created
        hostLanguage - XSLT or XQuery (error codes are different in the two cases)
        parentIsDocument - true if the nodes are being added to a document node (rather than an element)
        startElementLocationId - integer that can be passed to the location provider to get the location of the offending instruction that created the element node
        the constructed exception object