Interface PedigreeValue

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    PedigreeArrayItem, PedigreeMapItem

    public interface PedigreeValue
    A PedigreeValue is a map or array together with a Pedigree indicating how that map or array was selected within a JSON-like tree structure.

    The PedigreeValue delegates all map and array operations to the wrapped map or array (called the base item), and in addition offers the ability to retrace the selection steps to establish the containing maps or arrays in the tree.

    • Method Detail

      • getPedigree

        Pedigree getPedigree()
        Get the Pedigree of this value, that is, information about the containing maps and arrays in the containing tree
        the associated Pedigree.
      • getOrigin

        default PedigreeValue getOrigin()
        Get the root of the pedigree tree: that is, retrace the steps used to select this map or array until a map or array with an empty Pedigree is found.
        the root of the pedigree tree.