Delegate SchemaResolver

public delegate XdmNode SchemaResolver(string targetNamespace, Uri baseUri, Uri locationHint)

The SchemaResolver is a user-supplied class used for resolving references to schema documents. It applies to references from one schema document to another appearing in xs:import, xs:include, and xs:redefine; to references from an instance document to a schema in xsi:schemaLocation and xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation, to xsl:import-schema in XSLT, and to the import schema declaration in XQuery.


targetNamespace - The target namespace of the required schema components
baseUri - The base URI of the module containing the reference to a schema document declaration
locationHint - The URI (if any) provided as a location hint. Note: the import schema declaration in XQuery permits several location hints; if there is more than one, all but the first are ignored


An XdmNode representing the root document node of the schema document to be loaded.