XML Schema 1.1 conformance

Saxon Enterprise Edition (Saxon-EE) includes a complete implementation of the XSD 1.1 Recommendation of 5 April 2012. There is a test suite that is believed to cover all new features of the specification, and Saxon achieves 100% pass rate againts these tests.

From Saxon 9.8, XSD 1.1 processing is the default; if XSD 1.0 is required, it must be explicitly requested by using the -xsdversion:1.0 option on the command line, or equivalent options in the API.

The rules for valid type derivation follow the XML Schema 1.1 specification, regardless of this option setting. This is because the rules in the 1.0 specification do not meet the stated intent, namely that type derivation is valid in all cases where the restricted type allows a subset of the instances permitted by the base type.

An outline of the changes between XSD 1.0 and XSD 1.1 can be found in Appendix G of the specification.

Implementation-defined features

Appendix E.1 of XSD 1.1 (Part 1: Structures) provides a checklist of implementation-defined and implementation-dependent features. The following list describes how these are implemented in Saxon.

A similar checklist appears in appendix H.1 of XSD 1.1 (Part 2: Datatypes). The corresponding answers for Saxon-EE are given below.