Choosing the Saxon Edition

SaxonJ (on the Java platform) is distributed in three editions: SaxonJ-HE, SaxonJ-PE, and SaxonJ-EE, each of which is available for both the Java and .NET platforms. SaxonJ-HE is available under an open-source license (specifically, the Mozilla Public License 2.0), and all its features are available to all users. SaxonJ-PE and SaxonJ-EE are commercial products and require activation by a license key.

SaxonCS (on the .NET platform) currently offers only the Enterprise Edition functionality. SaxonCS is a commercial product and requires activation by a Saxon-EE license key.

There are also restricted licenses that work with SaxonJ-EE or SaxonCS but restrict its capability:

For a full table showing the features available in each edition and licensing variant, see the feature matrix.

For information on obtaining and setting up a license key, see the Saxon Licenses section.

For commercial information including prices, terms and conditions, maintenance and upgrade offerings, site licensing, and redistribution licensing, see the online store.