Class YearMonthDurationValue

    • Method Detail

      • makeYearMonthDurationValue

        public static ConversionResult makeYearMonthDurationValue​(java.lang.CharSequence s)
        Static factory: create a year-month duration value from a supplied string, in ISO 8601 format [+|-]PnYnM
        s - a string in the lexical space of xs:yearMonthDuration.
        either a YearMonthDurationValue, or a ValidationFailure if the string was not in the lexical space of xs:yearMonthDuration.
      • copyAsSubType

        public AtomicValue copyAsSubType​(AtomicType typeLabel)
        Create a copy of this atomic value, with a different type label
        copyAsSubType in class DurationValue
        typeLabel - the type label of the new copy. The caller is responsible for checking that the value actually conforms to this type.
        the copied value
      • getPrimitiveType

        public BuiltInAtomicType getPrimitiveType()
        Determine the primitive type of the value. This delivers the same answer as getItemType().getPrimitiveItemType(). The primitive types are the 19 primitive types of XML Schema, plus xs:integer, xs:dayTimeDuration and xs:yearMonthDuration, and xs:untypedAtomic. For external objects, the result is AnyAtomicType.
        getPrimitiveType in class DurationValue
        the primitive type
      • getPrimitiveStringValue

        public java.lang.CharSequence getPrimitiveStringValue()
        Convert to string
        getPrimitiveStringValue in class DurationValue
        ISO 8601 representation.
      • getLengthInMonths

        public int getLengthInMonths()
        Get the number of months in the duration
        the number of months in the duration
      • fromMonths

        public static YearMonthDurationValue fromMonths​(int months)
        Construct a duration value as a number of months.
        months - the number of months (may be negative)
        the corresponding xs:yearMonthDuration value
      • negate

        public DurationValue negate()
        Negate a duration (same as subtracting from zero, but it preserves the type of the original duration)
        negate in class DurationValue
        the original duration with its sign reversed, retaining its type
      • compareTo

        public int compareTo​(YearMonthDurationValue other)
        Compare the value to another duration value
        Specified by:
        compareTo in interface java.lang.Comparable<YearMonthDurationValue>
        other - The other dateTime value
        negative value if this one is the earler, 0 if they are chronologically equal, positive value if this one is the later. For this purpose, dateTime values with an unknown timezone are considered to be UTC values (the Comparable interface requires a total ordering).
        java.lang.ClassCastException - if the other value is not a DateTimeValue (the parameter is declared as Object to satisfy the Comparable interface)
      • getXPathComparable

        public AtomicMatchKey getXPathComparable​(boolean ordered,
                                                 StringCollator collator,
                                                 int implicitTimezone)
        Get a Comparable value that implements the XPath ordering comparison semantics for this value. Returns null if the value is not comparable according to XPath rules. The default implementation returns the value itself. This is modified for types such as xs:duration which allow ordering comparisons in XML Schema, but not in XPath.
        getXPathComparable in class DurationValue
        ordered - true if ordered comparisons need to be supported
        collator - for comparing strings - not used
        implicitTimezone - implicit timezone in the dynamic context - not used
        an Object whose equals() and hashCode() methods implement the XPath comparison semantics with respect to this atomic value. If ordered is specified, the result will either be null if no ordering is defined, or will be a Comparable