Class StringConverter.StringToNonStringDerivedType

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    public static class StringConverter.StringToNonStringDerivedType
    extends StringConverter
    Converter from string to a derived type (derived from a type other than xs:string), where the derived type needs to retain the original string for validating against lexical facets such as pattern.
    • Method Detail

      • setNamespaceResolver

        public StringConverter.StringToNonStringDerivedType setNamespaceResolver​(NamespaceResolver resolver)
        Description copied from class: Converter
        Provide a namespace resolver, needed for conversion to namespace-sensitive types such as QName and NOTATION. The resolver is ignored if the target type is not namespace-sensitive
        setNamespaceResolver in class Converter
        resolver - the namespace resolver to be used
        a new Converter customised with the supplied namespace context. The original Converter is unchanged (see bug 2754)
      • convertString

        public ConversionResult convertString​(java.lang.CharSequence input)
        Description copied from class: StringConverter
        Convert a string to the target type of this converter.
        Specified by:
        convertString in class StringConverter
        input - the string to be converted
        either an AtomicValue of the appropriate type for this converter (if conversion succeeded), or a ValidationFailure if conversion failed.
      • validate

        public ValidationFailure validate​(java.lang.CharSequence input)
        Validate a string for conformance to the target type, without actually performing the conversion
        validate in class StringConverter
        input - the string to be validated
        null if validation is successful, or a ValidationFailure indicating the reasons for failure if unsuccessful