Class ModeTraceListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.util.EventListener, TraceListener

    public class ModeTraceListener
    extends AbstractTraceListener
    A trace listener for XSLT that only handles invocation of template rules; enabled using saxon:trace="yes" on the xsl:mode declaration
    • Constructor Detail

      • ModeTraceListener

        public ModeTraceListener()
    • Method Detail

      • getOpeningAttributes

        protected java.lang.String getOpeningAttributes()
        Generate attributes to be included in the opening trace element
        Specified by:
        getOpeningAttributes in class AbstractTraceListener
      • endCurrentItem

        public void endCurrentItem​(Item item)
        Description copied from class: AbstractTraceListener
        Called after a node of the source tree got processed
        Specified by:
        endCurrentItem in interface TraceListener
        endCurrentItem in class AbstractTraceListener
        item - the item that was current, whose processing is now complete. This will represent the same underlying item as the corresponding startCurrentItem() call, though it will not necessarily be the same actual object.
      • enter

        public void enter​(Traceable info,
                          XPathContext context)
        Called when an instruction in the stylesheet gets processed
      • leave

        public void leave​(Traceable info)
        Description copied from class: AbstractTraceListener
        Called after an instruction of the stylesheet got processed
        Specified by:
        leave in interface TraceListener
        leave in class AbstractTraceListener
        info - gives the same information that was supplied to the enter method, though it is not necessarily the same object. Note that the line number of the instruction is that of the start tag in the source stylesheet, not the line number of the end tag.