Class XSLModuleRoot

    • Constructor Detail

      • XSLModuleRoot

        public XSLModuleRoot()
    • Method Detail

      • isDeclaredModes

        public boolean isDeclaredModes()
        Ask whether it is required that modes be explicitly declared
        true if modes referenced within this package be explicitly declared
      • index

        public void index​(ComponentDeclaration decl,
                          PrincipalStylesheetModule top)
        Description copied from class: StyleElement
        Method supplied by declaration elements to add themselves to a stylesheet-level index
        index in class StyleElement
        decl - the Declaration being indexed. (This corresponds to the StyleElement object except in cases where one module is imported several times with different precedence.)
        top - represents the outermost XSLStylesheet or XSLPackage element
      • getInputTypeAnnotationsAttribute

        public int getInputTypeAnnotationsAttribute()
        Get the value of the input-type-annotations attribute, for this module alone. The value is an or-ed combination of the two bits ANNOTATION_STRIP and ANNOTATION_PRESERVE
        the value if the input-type-annotations attribute in this stylesheet module