Class XSLGeneralVariable

    • Constructor Detail

      • XSLGeneralVariable

        public XSLGeneralVariable()
    • Method Detail

      • getSourceBinding

        public SourceBinding getSourceBinding()
        Get the source binding object that holds information about the declared variable.
      • getObjectName

        public StructuredQName getObjectName()
        Description copied from class: StyleElement
        Get a name identifying the object of the expression, for example a function name, template name, variable name, key name, element name, etc. This is used only where the name is known statically. If there is no name, the value will be null.
        getObjectName in class StyleElement
        the name of the object declared in this element, if any
      • mayContainSequenceConstructor

        public boolean mayContainSequenceConstructor()
        Determine whether this type of element is allowed to contain a template-body
        mayContainSequenceConstructor in class StyleElement
        true: yes, it may contain a template-body
      • isGlobal

        public boolean isGlobal()
        Test whether this is a global variable or parameter
        true if this is global
      • validate

        public void validate​(ComponentDeclaration decl)
                      throws XPathException
        Check that the variable is not already declared, and allocate a slot number
        validate in class StyleElement
        decl - the declaration being validated. A single XSLVariableDeclaration object may represent multiple declarations if it appears in a stylesheet module that is included/imported more than once
        XPathException - if any error is found during validation
      • postValidate

        public void postValidate()
                          throws XPathException
        Hook to allow additional validation of a parent element immediately after its children have been validated.
        postValidate in class StyleElement
        XPathException - if any error is found during post-traversal validation