Class IgnorableSpaceStrippingRule

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    public class IgnorableSpaceStrippingRule
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements SpaceStrippingRule
    A whitespace stripping rule that strips whitespace text node children from all elements having an element-only content model, regardless of the value of the xml:space attribute
    • Constructor Detail

      • IgnorableSpaceStrippingRule

        public IgnorableSpaceStrippingRule()
    • Method Detail

      • isSpacePreserving

        public int isSpacePreserving​(NodeName name,
                                     SchemaType schemaType)
        Decide whether an element is in the set of white-space preserving element types
        Specified by:
        isSpacePreserving in interface SpaceStrippingRule
        name - identifies the name of the element being tested
        schemaType - the type annotation of the element being tested
        STRIP_DEFAULT: strip spaces unless xml:space tells you not to.
      • makeStripper

        public ProxyReceiver makeStripper​(Receiver next)
        Make a filter to implement these space-stripping rules, or null if no filtering is necessary
        Specified by:
        makeStripper in interface SpaceStrippingRule
        next -
        a filter in the form of a ProxyReceiver, or null