Class DecimalSortComparer

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    public class DecimalSortComparer
    extends ComparableAtomicValueComparer
    An AtomicComparer used for sorting values that are known to be instances of xs:decimal (including xs:integer), It also supports a separate method for getting a collation key to test equality of items
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      • getDecimalSortComparerInstance

        public static DecimalSortComparer getDecimalSortComparerInstance()
      • save

        public java.lang.String save()
        Create a string representation of this AtomicComparer that can be saved in a compiled package and used to reconstitute the AtomicComparer when the package is reloaded
        Specified by:
        save in interface AtomicComparer
        save in class ComparableAtomicValueComparer
        a string representation of the AtomicComparer