Class ManualGroupIterator

    • Constructor Detail

      • ManualGroupIterator

        public ManualGroupIterator​(Item item,
                                   int position)
        Create a manual grouping iterator
        item - the context item
        position - the context position
    • Method Detail

      • setCurrentGroupingKey

        public void setCurrentGroupingKey​(AtomicSequence key)
      • getCurrentGroupingKey

        public AtomicSequence getCurrentGroupingKey()
        Description copied from interface: GroupIterator
        Get the grouping key of the current group
        Specified by:
        getCurrentGroupingKey in interface GroupIterator
        the current grouping key in the case of group-by or group-adjacent, or null in the case of group-starting-with and group-ending-with
      • setCurrentGroup

        public void setCurrentGroup​(java.util.List<Item> group)
      • appendToCurrentGroup

        public void appendToCurrentGroup​(Item item)
      • startNewCurrentGroup

        public void startNewCurrentGroup​(Item item)
      • iterateCurrentGroup

        public SequenceIterator iterateCurrentGroup()
                                             throws XPathException
        Description copied from interface: GroupIterator
        Get an iterator over the members of the current group, in population order. This must always be a clean iterator, that is, an iterator that starts at the first item of the group.
        Specified by:
        iterateCurrentGroup in interface GroupIterator
        an iterator over all the members of the current group, in population order.
        XPathException - if a dynamic error occurs
      • currentGroupContains

        public boolean currentGroupContains​(Item item)