Class NonDeterminizedState

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class NonDeterminizedState
    extends AutomatonState
    A state in the non-determinized finite state machine
    • Constructor Detail

      • NonDeterminizedState

        public NonDeterminizedState​(FiniteStateMachine machine)
        Create a new state in a non-determinized finite state machine
        machine - the finite state machine to which this state belongs
    • Method Detail

      • addLambdaTransition

        public void addLambdaTransition​(AutomatonState newState)
        Add a lambda transition from this state to another state. This is a transition that can take place when no symbol is read.
        newState - the state that results from this event
      • getLambdaTransitions

        public java.util.List<AutomatonState> getLambdaTransitions()
        Get the lambda transitions from this state
        the set of lambda transitions; a null return value is equivalent to an empty list