UCA-supported locales

These are the locales (102 base languages, 8 variants) supported for collation in Saxon-PE/EE, from the library of ICU - International Components for Unicode, version, implementing UCA version

Group Variants
code language code variant code variant code variant
af Afrikaans af Afrikaans
am Amharic am Amharic
ar Arabic ar Arabic
as Assamese as Assamese
az Azerbaijani az Azerbaijani
be Belarusian be Belarusian
bg Bulgarian bg Bulgarian
bn Bangla bn Bangla
bo Tibetan bo Tibetan
bs Bosnian bs-Cyrl Bosnian (Cyrillic) bs Bosnian
ca Catalan ca Catalan
chr Cherokee chr Cherokee
cs Czech cs Czech
cy Welsh cy Welsh
da Danish da Danish
de German de German de-AT German (Austria)
dsb Lower Sorbian dsb Lower Sorbian
dz Dzongkha dz Dzongkha
ee Ewe ee Ewe
el Greek el Greek
en English en-US English (United States) en English en-US-POSIX English (United States, Computer)
eo Esperanto eo Esperanto
es Spanish es Spanish
et Estonian et Estonian
fa Persian fa-AF Persian (Afghanistan) fa Persian
fi Finnish fi Finnish
fil Filipino fil Filipino
fo Faroese fo Faroese
fr French fr French fr-CA French (Canada)
ga Irish ga Irish
gl Galician gl Galician
gu Gujarati gu Gujarati
ha Hausa ha Hausa
haw Hawaiian haw Hawaiian
he Hebrew he Hebrew
hi Hindi hi Hindi
hr Croatian hr Croatian
hsb Upper Sorbian hsb Upper Sorbian
hu Hungarian hu Hungarian
hy Armenian hy Armenian
id Indonesian id Indonesian
ig Igbo ig Igbo
is Icelandic is Icelandic
it Italian it Italian
ja Japanese ja Japanese
ka Georgian ka Georgian
kk Kazakh kk Kazakh
kl Kalaallisut kl Kalaallisut
km Khmer km Khmer
kn Kannada kn Kannada
ko Korean ko Korean
kok Konkani kok Konkani
ky Kyrgyz ky Kyrgyz
lb Luxembourgish lb Luxembourgish
lkt Lakota lkt Lakota
ln Lingala ln Lingala
lo Lao lo Lao
lt Lithuanian lt Lithuanian
lv Latvian lv Latvian
mk Macedonian mk Macedonian
ml Malayalam ml Malayalam
mn Mongolian mn Mongolian
mr Marathi mr Marathi
ms Malay ms Malay
mt Maltese mt Maltese
my Burmese my Burmese
nb Norwegian Bokmål nb Norwegian Bokmål
ne Nepali ne Nepali
nl Dutch nl Dutch
nn Norwegian Nynorsk nn Norwegian Nynorsk
om Oromo om Oromo
or Odia or Odia
pa Punjabi pa Punjabi
pl Polish pl Polish
ps Pashto ps Pashto
pt Portuguese pt Portuguese
ro Romanian ro Romanian
ru Russian ru Russian
se Northern Sami se Northern Sami
si Sinhala si Sinhala
sk Slovak sk Slovak
sl Slovenian sl Slovenian
smn Inari Sami smn Inari Sami
sq Albanian sq Albanian
sr Serbian sr-Latn Serbian (Latin) sr Serbian
sv Swedish sv Swedish
sw Swahili sw Swahili
ta Tamil ta Tamil
te Telugu te Telugu
th Thai th Thai
to Tongan to Tongan
tr Turkish tr Turkish
ug Uyghur ug Uyghur
uk Ukrainian uk Ukrainian
ur Urdu ur Urdu
uz Uzbek uz Uzbek
vi Vietnamese vi Vietnamese
wae Walser wae Walser
yi Yiddish yi Yiddish
yo Yoruba yo Yoruba
zh Chinese zh Chinese zh-Hant Chinese (Traditional)
zu Zulu zu Zulu