Saxon extensions to the W3C XSLT/XQuery specifications

The function saxon:find (which had become a synonym for map:get in XPath 3.1) is dropped.

The function saxon:call (which did much the same as fn:apply in XPath 3.1) is dropped.

A new extension function saxon:is-defaulted is introduced. It takes a single attribute node as argument and returns true if the attribute node results from expansion of defaults added in the course of schema validation. This is useful when there is a desire to avoid adding such attributes to the result tree.

A new extension function saxon:read-binary-resource is introduced. Given a URI, this function fetches the contents of the resource identified by the URI and returns it as a binary value. The result can be used by functions in the EXPath binary module.

The saxon:stream() extension function is now converted at compile time into a call on xsl:stream. As a result, the streamability rules may change in minor details. The argument must now use the doc() function, not document().

The function saxon:analyze-string is dropped; it has been superseded by the XPath 3.0 function fn:analyze-string.