Command line interfaces

The command-line interfaces for Transform, Query, and Validate have been re-implemented on top of the s9api layer.

The Query command now enables XQuery 3.0 by default. It is still possible to use the option -qversion:1.0 to enforce XQuery 1.0 behavior.

An option -stream:on|off has been added to the Query command line, to request streamed processing.

The command line options -x and -y can now take the name of a class that implements javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory as an alternative to a class that implements org.xml.sax.XMLReader. This change was introduced to allow invocation of Aalto as the XML parser; the Aalto implementation of XMLReader is not directly instantiable. To use Saxon with Aalto, specify -x:com.fasterxml.aalto.sax.SAXParserImpl. This only works if the SAXParserFactory class can be instantiated using a zero-argument constructor.

The CompilePackage command, which creates an obfuscated version of a stylesheet, is now available on .NET as well as Java.