Changes specific to .NET

Saxon is now explicitly supported on both .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 (previous releases were not validated on .NET 2.0, though experience showed that they ran without problems).

It is now possible to run queries and transformations directly on a DOM Document without first converting it to a Saxon tree. Instead of the Build method in the DocumentBuilder, use the new Wrap method. This creates a lightweight wrapper around the DOM document which makes it behave like the Saxon NodeInfo model. The code is very similar to the DOM wrapper used on the Java platform.

The XdmValue class is a wrapper for a Saxon ValueRepresentation. For applications that need more intimate access to the underlying Saxon objects, XdmValue now has Wrap and Unwrap methods that expose the underlying Java object.

The SchemaManager and SchemaValidator both now allow an ErrorList to be supplied, to capture error conditions encountered during schema compilation and instance document validation respectively.