XSLT 2.0 implementation

In line with changes agreed by the Working Group, the status of a number of recoverable errors has changed:

Some recoverable errors are now non-recoverable, for example: XT0410, XT0820, XT0830, XT0850, XT0855, XT0860, XT0890, XT0920, XT0925, XT0930, XT0980, XT0990.

Some recoverable errors are no longer errors (the processor always takes the action previously described as the recovery action): XT0275, XT0900, XT0950.

Error codes have been updated (to 8 characters) in line with the latest specification.

Saxon-B (the basic XSLT processor) now issues a warning if atomic types such as xs:unsignedInt are used in the stylesheet. The conformance rules for a Basic XSLT Processor allow the following types from the XML Schema namespace: the 19 primitive types, minus xs:NOTATION, plus xs:integer. At some time in the future Saxon-B will be changed to conform with this rule. The derived types remain available, of course, in Saxon-SA.