XML Schema 1.0 implementation

Checking of the Unique Particle Attribute constraint is now done more rigorously. In particular, (a) a violation is now reported in the case where two particles of the form <element ref="foo"/> referring to the same element declaration exist in the same content model (in a position where either could match), and (b) conflicts between two <xs:any> particles, or between an <xs:any> particle and an <xs:element> particle, are now detected.

The com.saxonica.Validate command now outputs multiple validation errors in a single run.

The same facility is available when validation is invoked from user applications, provided that the application calls configuration.validationWarnings(true).

The method getSchemaTypeInfo() is now available on Saxon nodes in the TinyTree object model. This method is defined in DOM Level 3 to return a TypeInfo object, which provides basic information about the type of the node following schema validation. At present Saxon provides a copy of the TypeInfo interface, to avoid introducing a dependency on DOM Level 3 being installed.