Updates an existing ZIP file and writes it to the location identified in the second argument. For details of the structure, see the EXPath zip specification at http://expath.org/spec/zip.

update-entries($zip as element(zip:file), $output as xs:anyURI) ➔ empty-sequence()





The structure of the ZIP file to be created




The location to which the updated ZIP file will be saved




Namespace: http://expath.org/ns/zip

Notes on the Saxon implementation

Implemented since Saxon 9.5; available whether or not support for XPath 3.0 is enabled. Note that this function exists for its side-effects, and therefore needs to be called with care. It is safest to call it in an xsl:sequence instruction that appears in a place where xsl:result-document would be permitted; that is, not in a function body or in a variable initializer.

The EXPath ZIP module and its implementation should not be considered as stable.