Multiplication and division

The operator * multiplies two numbers. If the operands are of different types, one of them is promoted to the type of the other (for example, an integer is promoted to a decimal, a decimal to a double). The result is the same type as the operands after promotion.

The operator div divides two numbers. Dividing two integers produces a double; in other cases the result is the same type as the operands, after promotion. In the case of decimal division, the precision is the sum of the precisions of the two operands, plus six.

The operator idiv performs integer division. For example, the result of 10 idiv 3 is 3.

The mod operator returns the modulus (or remainder) after division. See the XPath 2.0 specification for details of the way that negative numbers are handled.

The operators * and div may also be used to multiply or divide a duration by a number. For example, fn:dayTimeDuration('PT12H') * 4 returns the duration two days.