JAR files included in the product

The full list of JAR files in the Saxon distribution is as follows:

JAR file




Saxon Home Edition. Contains all the software in Saxon-HE.



Saxon Professional Edition. Contains all the software in Saxon-PE, with the exception of the SQL extension.



Saxon Enterprise Edition. Contains all the software in Saxon-EE, with the exception of the SQL extension and the code for compiling XQuery to Java.



Supports XSLT extensions for accessing and updating a relational database from within a stylesheet. Provided with Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE.



Allows a "packaged stylesheet" to be executed. The JAR file is provided with Saxon-HE, Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE. Packaged stylesheets can only be created using Saxon-PE or Saxon-EE; for details see Packaged Stylesheets.

When running any Java application, Saxon included, all Java classes that are needed must be present on the CLASSPATH. The classpath can be set in the form of an environment variable, or it can be included in the java command that invokes the application.

The classpath is written as a list of filenames. These will either be the names of directories (folders) that contain relevant classes, or the names of JAR files containing the classes. On Windows, the names in the list are separated by semicolons; on Linux, a colon is used.

The table above lists the JAR files provided with Saxon that you may need to include on your classpath. In addition, you may need to include some of the following resources:





License file. This is needed only for running Saxon-EE/Saxon-PE. The license file is obtained when you purchase the product or when you apply for an evaluation license.



This file implements parts of JAXP 1.4 that Saxon uses. It is not needed when you run Saxon under Java 6, as the required classes are then included in the standard Java run-time. It is needed, however, if you run Saxon under Java 5. This JAR file is not included in the Saxon distribution because of licensing restrictions. Instead, it must be downloaded from https://jaxp.dev.java.net/. The jaxp-api.jar file is needed when you use the StAXSource class.

Source code and documentation are not included in the same download file as the executable code and sample files. Instead, they are in a resources file that can be downloaded separately. The documentation is also available online.

The source code for Saxon-HE (on both the Java and .NET platforms) is available in the package saxon-resources-9.x from either the SourceForge or the Saxonica sites. Note that it is not necessary to download or recompile the source code unless you need to make changes (and it is rarely necessary to make changes, because Saxon provides extensive system programming hooks to enable customization). The exception to this is that in Saxon-HE, adapters for external object models, and localization code for non-English languages, are provided in source form only.

The modules included in the source code of Saxon-HE are also used, without modification, in Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE. Source code for the additional components of the commercial editions is not provided. The source code is the same between the Java and .NET platforms: both products are generated from the same source, though there are some modules that apply only to one platform or the other. There are no build scripts provided for rebuilding the product from source code, because most users find it convenient to use their Java IDE for this purpose.

User documentation (this documentation, together with API specifications for the Java and .NET products) is also available for download from the SourceForge site. The download package contains exactly the same information as the documentation section of the Saxonica website. It also contains this documentation in its original XML form, together with the schemas and stylesheets used to publish it. Note that online documentation is available only for a few recent Saxon versions; older versions can be downloaded from SourceForge.