Class BuiltInType

  extended by net.sf.saxon.type.BuiltInType
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class BuiltInType
extends Object
implements Serializable

This non-instantiable class acts as a register of Schema objects containing all the built-in types: that is, the types defined in the "xs" namespace.

Previously called BuiltInSchemaFactory; but its original function has largely been moved to the two classes BuiltInAtomicType and BuiltInListType

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Serialized Form

Method Summary
static SchemaType getSchemaType(int fingerprint)
          Get the schema type with a given fingerprint
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Method Detail


public static SchemaType getSchemaType(int fingerprint)
Get the schema type with a given fingerprint

fingerprint - the fingerprint representing the name of the required type
the SchemaType object representing the given type, if known, otherwise null

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