Package net.sf.saxon.tree.util

Class Summary
AttributeCollectionImpl AttributeCollectionImpl is an implementation of both the SAX2 interface Attributes and the Saxon equivalent AttributeCollection.
DiagnosticNamePool This class provides a diagnostic wrapper for the real NamePool.
DocumentNumberAllocator This class (which has one instance per Configuration) is used to allocate unique document numbers.
FastStringBuffer A simple implementation of a class similar to StringBuffer.
NamespaceCodeIterator This class provides an iterator over the namespace codes representing the in-scope namespaces of any node.
NamespaceDeclarationsImpl An implementation of the NamespaceDeclarations interface, based on encapsulating an array of namespace codes.
NamespaceResolverAsDeclarations An implementation of NamespaceDeclarations that contains all the inscope namespaces made available by a NamespaceResolver.
NamespaceResolverWithDefault This class is a NamespaceResolver that modifies an underyling NamespaceResolver by changing the mapping of the null prefix to be a specified namespace, rather than the one used by the underlying namespace resolver.
Navigator The Navigator class provides helper classes for navigating a tree, irrespective of its implementation
Navigator.AncestorEnumeration General-purpose implementation of the ancestor and ancestor-or-self axes
Navigator.AxisFilter AxisFilter is an iterator that applies a NodeTest filter to the nodes returned by an underlying AxisIterator.
Navigator.BaseEnumeration BaseEnumeration is an abstract implementation of an AxisIterator, it simplifies the implementation of the underlying AxisIterator by requiring it to provide only two methods: advance(), and getAnother().
Navigator.DescendantEnumeration General-purpose implementation of the descendant and descendant-or-self axes, in terms of the child axis.
Navigator.EmptyTextFilter EmptyTextFilter is an iterator that applies removes any zero-length text nodes returned by an underlying AxisIterator.
Navigator.FollowingEnumeration General purpose implementation of the following axis, in terms of the ancestor, child, and following-sibling axes
Navigator.PrecedingEnumeration Helper method to iterate over the preceding axis, or Saxon's internal preceding-or-ancestor axis, by making use of the ancestor, descendant, and preceding-sibling axes.
Orphan A node (implementing the NodeInfo interface) representing an attribute, text node, comment, processing instruction, or namespace that has no parent (and of course no children).
ProcInstParser ProcInstParser is used to parse pseudo-attributes within Processing Instructions

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