Package net.sf.saxon.trans

This package provides a miscellaneous collection of helper classes for XSLT transformation.


Interface Summary
BuiltInRuleSet Defines a set of built-in template rules (rules for use when no user-defined template rules match a given node)
IConfigurationReader The implementation of this interface is in Saxon-PE/EE.
NonDelegatingURIResolver This is a marker interface: if a URIResolver implements this interface and returns null from its resolve() method, then the standard URI resolver will not be invoked.
RuleTarget The target of a rule, typically a Template.

Class Summary
CommandLineOptions This is a helper class for classes such as net.sf.saxon.Transform and net.sf.saxon.Query that process command line options
CompilerInfo This class exists to hold information associated with a specific XSLT compilation episode.
DecimalFormatManager DecimalFormatManager manages the collection of named and unnamed decimal formats, for use by the format-number() function.
DecimalSymbols This class is modelled on Java's DecimalFormatSymbols, but it allows the use of any Unicode character to represent symbols such as the decimal point and the grouping separator, whereas DecimalFormatSymbols restricts these to a char (1-65535).
DynamicLoader Utility class used to perform dynamic loading of user-hook implementations
Err Class containing utility methods for handling error messages
KeyDefinition Corresponds to a single xsl:key declaration.
KeyDefinitionSet A set of xsl:key definitions in a stylesheet that share the same name
KeyManager KeyManager manages the set of key definitions in a stylesheet, and the indexes associated with these key definitions.
LocalizerFactory Interface allowing localization modules for different languages to be dynamically loaded
Mode A Mode is a collection of rules; the selection of a rule to apply to a given element is determined by a Pattern.
Rule Rule: a template rule, or a strip-space rule used to support the implementation
RuleManager RuleManager maintains a set of template rules, one set for each mode
SaxonErrorCode The class acts as a register of Saxon-specific error codes.
StringifyRuleSet The built-in rule set used for 1.0 and 2.0, which for document and element nodes does an apply-templates to children, and for text nodes and attribute nodes copies the node.
StripSpaceRules The set of rules used to decide strip-space/preserve-space matching of element names in XSLT.
Timer Utility class for collecting and reporting timing information, used only under diagnostic control

Exception Summary
LicenseException Exception thrown when there are problems with the license file
NoDynamicContextException This exception class is used when early (compile-time) evaluation of an expression is attempted, and the expression requires knowledge of the current dateTime or implicit timezone.
UncheckedXPathException When tree construction is deferred, innocuous methods such as NodeInfo#getLocalName() may trigger a dynamic error.
XPathException XPathException is used to indicate an error in an XPath expression.
XPathException.Circularity Subclass of XPathException used to report circularities

Package net.sf.saxon.trans Description

This package provides a miscellaneous collection of helper classes for XSLT transformation. They are of no direct interest to user applications, except for the XPathException class, which is used to represent many errors in public methods.

Michael H. Kay
Saxonica Limited
9 February 2005

Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Saxonica Limited. All rights reserved.