Class HTMLTagHashSet

  extended by net.sf.saxon.serialize.HTMLTagHashSet

public class HTMLTagHashSet
extends Object

A simple class for testing membership of a fixed set of case-insensitive ASCII strings. The class must be initialised with enough space for all the strings, it will go into an infinite loop if it fills. The string matching is case-blind, using an algorithm that works only for ASCII. The class implements part of the java.util.Set interface; it could be replaced with an implementation of java.util.Set together with a class that implemented a customized equals() method.

Constructor Summary
HTMLTagHashSet(int size)
Method Summary
 void add(String s)
 boolean contains(String s)
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public HTMLTagHashSet(int size)
Method Detail


public void add(String s)


public boolean contains(String s)

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