Class CharacterMapIndex

  extended by net.sf.saxon.serialize.CharacterMapIndex
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CharacterMapIndex
extends Object
implements Serializable

This class represents a set of named character maps. Each character map in the set is identified by a unique QName.

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 CharacterMap getCharacterMap(StructuredQName name)
 CharacterMapExpander makeCharacterMapExpander(String useMaps, SerializerFactory sf)
          Make a CharacterMapExpander to handle the character map definitions in the serialization properties.
 void putCharacterMap(StructuredQName name, CharacterMap charMap)
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Constructor Detail


public CharacterMapIndex()
Method Detail


public CharacterMap getCharacterMap(StructuredQName name)


public void putCharacterMap(StructuredQName name,
                            CharacterMap charMap)


public CharacterMapExpander makeCharacterMapExpander(String useMaps,
                                                     SerializerFactory sf)
                                              throws XPathException
Make a CharacterMapExpander to handle the character map definitions in the serialization properties.

This method is intended for internal use only.

useMaps - the expanded use-character-maps property: a space-separated list of names of character maps to be used, each one expressed as an expanded-QName in Clark notation (that is, {uri}local-name).
sf - the SerializerFactory - used to create a CharacterMapExpander. This callback is provided so that a user-defined SerializerFactory can customize the result of this function, for example by returning a subclass of the standard CharacterMapExpander.
a CharacterMapExpander if one is required, or null if not (for example, if the useMaps argument is an empty string).
XPathException - if a name in the useMaps property cannot be resolved to a declared character map.

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