Interface PatternFinder

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AnchorPattern, ConditionalPattern, IDPattern, IdrefTest, KeyPattern, LocationPathPattern, NodeSetPattern, NodeTestPattern, PathFinder, Pattern, UnionPattern

public interface PatternFinder
extends Serializable

This interface enables a client to find all nodes in a document that match a particular pattern. In fact, it allows any subset of nodes in a document to be located. It is used specifically by the internal implementation of keys. In XSLT, the criterion for including nodes in a key is that they match an XSLT pattern. Internally, however, keys are used for a wider range of purposes, and the nodes indexed by the key are defined by a PatternFinder

Method Summary
 SequenceIterator selectNodes(DocumentInfo doc, XPathContext context)
          Select nodes in a document using this PatternFinder.

Method Detail


SequenceIterator selectNodes(DocumentInfo doc,
                             XPathContext context)
                             throws XPathException
Select nodes in a document using this PatternFinder.

doc - the document node at the root of a tree
context - the dynamic evaluation context
an iterator over the selected nodes in the document.

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