Package net.sf.saxon

This package provides the core classes of the SAXON XSLT library.


Interface Summary
Platform This interface provides access to methods whose implementation depends on the chosen platform (typically Java or .NET)
TypeCheckerEnvironment An abstraction of ExpressionVisitor that provides the minimal set of services needed by the TypeChecker; used to allow run-time type-checking of higher order function arguments without retaining the whole static context

Class Summary
Configuration This class holds details of user-selected configuration options for a set of transformations and/or queries.
Configuration.LicenseFeature This class contains constants representing features of the software that may or may not be licensed.
Controller The Controller is Saxon's implementation of the JAXP Transformer class, and represents an executing instance of a transformation or query.
Filter Filter is an XMLFilter (a SAX2 filter) that performs a transformation taking a SAX stream as input and producing a SAX stream as output.
IdentityTransformerHandler IdentityTransformerHandler implements the javax.xml.transform.sax.TransformerHandler interface.
PreparedStylesheet This PreparedStylesheet class represents a Stylesheet that has been prepared for execution (or "compiled").
Query This Query class provides a command-line interface to the Saxon XQuery processor.
TemplatesHandlerImpl TemplatesHandlerImpl implements the javax.xml.transform.sax.TemplatesHandler interface.
Transform This Transform class is the command-line entry point to the Saxon XSLT Processor.
TransformerFactoryImpl A TransformerFactoryImpl instance can be used to create Transformer and Template objects.
TransformerHandlerImpl TransformerHandlerImpl implements the javax.xml.transform.sax.TransformerHandler interface.
Version The Version class holds the SAXON version information.

Package net.sf.saxon Description

This package provides the core classes of the SAXON XSLT library.

Some of the more important classes are listed below:

This is the command line interface to the XQuery processor, allowing you to run a supplied query against a given source document.

This is the command line interface to the XSLT processor, allowing you to apply a given stylesheet to a given source document.

This class holds all the Saxon configuration information, and acts as the fundamental factory class holding central resources and creating components such as validators and serializers.

This represents a compiled XSLT stylesheet in memory. It is Saxon's implementation of the javax.xml.transform.Templates interface defined in JAXP 1.1

This class represents the context information for a single execution of an XSLT stylesheet, and allows the application to process the tree navigationally. It is Saxon's implementation of the Transformer interface defined in JAXP 1.1. It calls user-supplied handlers registered with the RuleManager.

Michael H. Kay
30 July 2010

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