Class SQLElementFactory

  extended by net.sf.saxon.option.sql.SQLElementFactory
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SQLElementFactory
extends Object
implements ExtensionElementFactory

Class SQLElementFactory. A "Factory" for SQL extension nodes in the stylesheet tree.

Note: despite its package name, this class is not part of Saxon-HE. Rather, it is part of an open-source plug-in to Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE. This accounts for the reference to code in the com.saxonica package.

From Saxon 9.2 the standard namespace associated with this extension is "". However, it can be registered under a different namespace if required.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Class<? extends StyleElement> getExtensionClass(String localname)
          Identify the class to be used for stylesheet elements with a given local name.
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Constructor Detail


public SQLElementFactory()
Method Detail


public Class<? extends StyleElement> getExtensionClass(String localname)
Identify the class to be used for stylesheet elements with a given local name. The returned class must extend

Specified by:
getExtensionClass in interface ExtensionElementFactory
null if the local name is not a recognised element type in this namespace.

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