Class Common

  extended by net.sf.saxon.option.exslt.Common

public abstract class Common
extends Object

This class implements extension functions in the namespace.

Method Summary
static ValueRepresentation nodeSet(ValueRepresentation frag)
          Convert a result tree fragment to a node-set.
static String objectType(XPathContext context, ValueRepresentation value)
          Return the type of the supplied value: "sequence", "string", "number", "boolean", "external".
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Method Detail


public static ValueRepresentation nodeSet(ValueRepresentation frag)
Convert a result tree fragment to a node-set. This is a hangover from XSLT 1.0; it is implemented as a no-op.


public static String objectType(XPathContext context,
                                ValueRepresentation value)
Return the type of the supplied value: "sequence", "string", "number", "boolean", "external". (EXSLT spec not yet modified to cater for XPath 2.0 data model)

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